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My nephew has lost a substantial amount of weight after being placed under a public guardian’s care by court order.  He lives in Reno, NV.  His warm coat was taken from him.  He shows up in below-freezing weather with just a T-shirt on.  He was so cold one day he took his mother’s coat after one of her extremely-limited visitations.  His mother has evidence of rotten food the home is trying to make him eat.  Law enforcement has been called for welfare checks and they do nothing.  Reports are made to the commision put in place in Nevada to investigate and they do nothing.  The judge that revoked my sister’s guardianship IS A MEMBER OF THE SAME COMMISSION.

His mother’s guardianship was revoked after she tried to move him out of the home he is now a prisoner in.  Strike that – PRISONERS ARE TREATED BETTER THAN HE IS!!!  She went to the court to petiition moving her son out of the home.  The home, at the same hearing, petitioned to have my sister’s guardianship revoked.  The judge, at this hearing, revoked my sister’s guardianship and he awarded guardianship to a public guardian.  My sister’s due process was violated.  The hearing lasted 5 minutes, if that.

When his mother appealed the initial order to try to get guardianship back, (filed for reconsideration), it was denied.  A subsequent hearing was ordered on January 24, 2020.   At this hearing, an investigation report was presented as evidence by the Guardianship Compliance Office, and it was full of lies and highly subjective to the home.  I know this, as facts in the report about myself were incorrect.  I was never even contacted when this alledged investigation was happening and was shocked when my name showed up in it!  MY SISTER NEVER EVEN MENTIONED ME AT ALL DURING THIS ENTIRE NIGHTMARE!!! Evidence provided by my sister to repute the ‘investigation’ WAS NOT PRESENTED AT THE HEARING BY HER LAWYER, ELIZABETH BITTNER.  Her lawyer showed up late and did nothing after charging a retainer of 5000.00.  My sister kept asking the lawyer, even after this fiasco, about filing an appeal, and her lawyer, after telling my sister that even if an appeal was filed, no new evidence can be presented, and quit.

My nephew, thin when, in good faith his mother placed him in this home, is now LITERALLY skin and bones.  He is not in good health and has a speech impediment.

My sister’s evidence is mounting.  She tirelessly scans the internet for someone to help. I pray every day she finds someone to help IN TIME.

The judge is Egan Walker.

While people, like my sister, consider placing a loved one in a home in an effort to get them more help to care for their loved one, I hope they read this post and find another way.  Money is driving up the availability of such homes, nothing else.