Guardian Abuse Cases Mission Statement

Guardian abuse against senior citizens committed by private guardians is a major problem in the twenty-first century. Senior citizens are living longer. The increased lifespan of American seniors doesn’t come with perfect health. At times our senior citizens may need a private guardian to help take care of personal affairs. Private guardians are brought in to family situations to help the senior deal with day-to-day living situations. There are a growing number of private professional guardians who use this difficult time as an opportunity to steal. Anyone reading this website’s mission statement will ask why so many wrongs against seniors can take place?  Continue reading and this question will be explained.

Guardian Abuse has been created to inform the public about the illegal and unethical activities of private professional guardians. Private guardians use techniques, which cause family members to feel isolated and alone after receiving harsh treatment from a private guardian. We will feature cases where private guardians have submitted false documents to courts, bragged about bribing judges in family courts, committed fraud, kidnapped seniors from their homes, turned relatives against each other, double billed, and in some cases committed direct theft of funds from senior bank accounts.

What is more shocking about this industry is the fact private guardians are very loosely regulated.  In order to become a private professional guardian no college degree is required.  A private guardian can receive a guardian certification by completing 57 hours of online training. A test from the National Guardianship Association is given and the guardian receives a certification. Several sources close to the NGA have informed us that the answers to this online exam can be purchased for the right price.  In many states this NGA certificate allows a guardian to practice.

The Center for Guardianship Certification, which serves as the guardian enforcement arm doesn’t regulate their guardians.  Numerous complaints filed with this non-profit agency are ignored with no action taken to even question the guardian. In fact the CGC didn’t complete background checks until the year 2013. Today the background checks are very superficial and leave the door open to questionable persons obtaining a guardian certification.

The guardian has absolute power over the person a court appoints them to protect. A guardian has more power over a senior than a doctor, lawyer, real estate broker and a psychiatrist. The professions listed require countless years of school and training. The private guardian has no such requirement.  For some of these reasons our website was created to inform the public about the environment, which private guardians operate.

Guardian Abuse cases is your forum to inform the public about the behind the scenes activities of private guardians.  Guardian Abuse cases will also expose the responses of government agencies who failed to protect life and property against the crimes of private guardians. Your information is the power we need to bring about meaningful reform.  Guardian Abuse cases believes the only way meaningful reforms will occur is through exposure and embarrassment of private guardians.

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