Washington State Senior Loses Savings Fighting Guardian Corruption

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Linda McDowell was a former conference manager for NASA/National Aeronautical and Space administration.  After retiring from a successful career she spent a decade as a successful real estate broker.

One day at age 71, Linda McDowell receives a knock at her door. 

A stranger tells McDowell she can’t take care of herself based upon a report of a former roommate.  McDowell was in shock.  The Vancouver Washington Family court appointed a guardian who began draining McDowell’s savings.  After 30 months of fighting a legal system, which functions upon kickbacks to judges from family attorneys, McDowell was freed.  Her savings gone and all the system will do for her is to simply move on and treat her case as if it never happened.

Guardian corruption in the courts exists in all fifty states.  Our readers who are fighting this battle must know they are not alone.  The guardians, corrupt social services professionals and judges make their living by forcing the victims to believe that what occurred is the fault of the victim.


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