Florida Family Falls Victim to Guardian Corruption

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The story of Alice Martin is a powerful example of private guardians stealing from senior trusts and estates. This article tells a story of how a guardian made money by creating conflict in a family and using that conflict to drain the elder’s estate.

Judges and lawyers who practice in family court fully understand that creating conflict in a family is a fantastic method of making a living. The family members resign themselves to this dysfunction, which the guardians create. The family then rationalizes the conflict as simply being a coin having two sides to it. This rationalization is what counselors and those in the helping professions classify as denial. Denial occurs when there is intense pain. Society has turned a blind eye to the fact that the intense pain is in fact caused by the private guardians.
Family funerals will continue and songs of god and strong faith will dominate these services. Unfortunately behind the dark wall of corruption a guardian laughs all the way to the bank safe in the knowledge that another family was rendered financially unable to fight back against another private guardian robbery.
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