Private Guardian Removes Money from Senior’s Bank Account

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Private guardian removes money from Florida senior’s bank account without a court order!

Elizabeth Betsy Savitt is a private guardian in Florida. Her advantage over her peers rests in the fact her husband Martin Colin is a family court judge. Savitt has for many years been using her husband’s professional relationships to remove funds from her wards accounts without a court order. We have a clear example of the inner circle of corruption, which permeates the culture of family court. I call this the genderless good old boy relationship. After fighting this system for a decade I’ve personally witnessed guardians contributing to family court judge political campaigns in exchange for future favors. The behind the scenes corruption turns family court proceedings into a 1950s beer drinking wrestling match where the script calls for gorgeous George to defeat the horrible Yukon Eric by smashing pennies in his face. No face was smashed with pennies, but the audience left believing they watched a good show. In the case of guardians and family court the audience who is actually the victims are left penniless because they didn’t realize that their family was part of an endless script of corruption.


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