Guardianship Abuse in the United States

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This blog will tell stories of guardian exploitation. Before I post the powerful link to this story it is important to note that the profession of private guardian is for all purposes an unregulated profession.

Private guardians have less training than the person who files your finger nails, cuts your hair, or even a massage therapist. The guardian has the power of life and death over anyone the court appoints them to so-called protect. Guardians misuse their powers on a daily basis. The result of the lack of training and enforcement of private guardians results in horrible cases of guardian exploitation, fraud and even kidnapping when the act suits the purpose of the private guardian.

Jason Hanson’s only crime was that he was born disabled. Private guardian Jared Shafer decided to take advantage of this situation and use Janson Hanson’s disability as a tool to steal his entire inheritance.
After reading this story, you can join the fight to help Jason. Send emails to your congress person, United States Senator and the attorney general on behalf of this brave young man.


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