Guardian Abuse Covered by Al Jazeera

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Guardian abuse of seniors, their families and estates is a problem, which authorities have denied for decades.  Private guardians are hired when a family has issues of dysfunction, the senior has no one to help them or the court decides a private guardian is needed.

The power a guardian has over a senior is stronger than the power of a doctor, attorney, real estate broker or financial planner.  All of the professions are heavily regulated.  Professionals in the above industries undergo numerous tests, recertification exams and countless hours of continuous education.

Private guardians do not have to qualify for high standards of conduct.  Private guardians are not required to attend or graduate from college, have training in psychology or family therapy or even understand basic financial planning.  This results in the lowest types of individuals entering into this profession.  Guardianship in America is just like the wild west.

If you want to understand how professional guardianship will be harmful to you and your family, please see the video above or visit the link below.

Youtube – Al Jazeera America, Guardianship Fears  February 2016


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  1. amie  November 19, 2017

    Please contact me, I did suffer a lot from guardians or conservator…Because of a dispute between me and my brothers, an incompetent judge insist to put conservator…. he put my mother in a nursing home permenantely, I bigged my brother to solve the problem peacefully among the 3 of us. but the judge insist of having a conservator
    I need al Jazeera to interfere to solve this problem, because we are muslims, we cannot throw our parents in nursing homes among strangers….I cannot sleep or eat or function crying all the time for the loss of my mother….I need freedom of my mother she was kidnapped by this probate court in Connecticut.


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